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Thank you all our wonderful volunteers for making our
2023 season a success! 👏🏼

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Join the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup (GLPC), an initiative of Pollution Probe and the Council of the Great Lakes Region this summer at various locations sort, classify, and count plastic waste and other debris caught in our plastic capture technology. Seabins are devices at the surface of the water designed to catch and trap floating plastic and debris for safe and easy removal from our waterways! From plastic fragments, foam pellets, and tape to cigarette butts, bottle caps, and food wrappers, these items are harmful to life in and around the lake. It is crucial to catch, remove, and examine the types of litter that enter the Great Lakes, for the health of our aquatic ecosystems. Every piece of debris removed from Lake Ontario is a step towards a cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful lake that we can all enjoy! All equipment required will be provided by GLPC, and we only ask you to dress appropriately for the weather, wear sunscreen, and bring a reusable water bottle! *The event end time may vary depending on how much waste was collected in the Seabins.

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