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Canadian Participants

Launched in August 2020, the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup is working with 26 marinas to deploy litter capture technologies along Ontario's Great Lakes shoreline and other major waterways.

Participating Marinas

Click the icon to learn more about the marina and the litter we've found there!

Plastics Pathway

The Plastics Pathway at the Toronto Zoo is a journey of discovery about plastic pollution and what we can collectively do to address it. The Pathway includes several plastic capture technologies deployed by the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup. 


Diversion 2.0

Georgian Bay Forever became a collaborator on the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup in 2020. Their Diversion 2.0 initiative is installing not only Seabins, but also gutter bins and trash traps, and generating data to help us better understand plastic pollution in Georgian Bay.

The Vancouver Plastic Cleanup