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Meyers Pier Marina

Belleville is referred to as the beautiful city (“Belle Ville”), known for its lovely waterfront trails, and access to a number of excellent beaches, and boating and fishing opportunities. The new plastic capture devices installed through the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup will build on the City’s existing efforts to mitigate the impacts of pollution on local waterways, including through the installation of another type of plastic capture device - the LittaTrap. In 2021, the City’s Green Task Force piloted three LittaTraps along the Riverfront and Waterfront trails to divert plastic from entering the Moira River and the Bay of Quinte. The pilot project was so successful (13.5 kg of debris was collected) that an additional 17 devices were installed in additional locations across the city. 

Meyers Pier offers first class amenities including:

Meyers Pier offers first class amenities including:

  • Gas, Diesel, Pump Outs

  • 160 seasonal and transient boat slips

  • Boaters Washrooms, Showers, Power & Water at Every Slip

  • Friendly Staff On Site

  • Evening Security

  • Wireless Internet

  • Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary On Site

  • George Street Canteen within walking distance

  • Local Walking Trails

In July 2023, The City of Belleville joined the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup, with cleanup and capture devices installed in the eastern end of Lake Ontario. 

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