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Seabin™ Technology Installed at Buffalo Harbor Park as part of the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup

In another step forward in expanding the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup, a joint initiative with Canada-based Pollution Probe, to the US, CGLR attended a press event hosted by partner Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper this weekend. The event announced the installation of a NOAA funded GLPC Seabin at Buffalo Harbor State Park, Buffalo, NY. CGLR Board of Directors member, Patrick Whalen spoke at the event. His remarks discussed the importance of collaboration as we tackle the problem of plastics in the Great Lakes, highlighted the hard work of our partners on the ground in Buffalo, and expressed gratitude for the important partnerships held with all the organizations in attendance.

The event also included remarks from Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper Executive Director, Jill Jedlicka, US Congressman, Brian Higgins, and Great Lakes Regional Coordinator for the NOAA Marine Debris Program, Sarah Lowe. On site partner, New York State Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation was also an important presence at the event.

Models estimate as much as 22 million pounds of plastic could be entering the Great Lakes every year through a variety of sources and pathways, polluting the lakes and their surrounding watersheds—something that could cost hundreds of millions of dollars annually to rectify. The Seabin is a “trash skimmer” designed to be installed in the water of marinas, yacht clubs, and ports. The clean tech unit acts as a floating garbage bin, skimming the surface of the water by pumping water into the device. The Seabin can intercept floating debris, macro and micro plastics and even microfibres, with an additional filter. The GLPC already holds a strong presence in Canada through the hard work of CGLR’s counterpart, Pollution Probe. Collectively, CGLR and Pollution Probe have worked to install more Seabins and other devices at US based sites around the Great Lakes Region.

The collaboration of the GLPC, Pollution Probe, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, NOAA and many others, is a step in the right direction towards combating our region’s plastics pollution and securing a more sustainable future.


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