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The Spanish Municipal Marina is situated on beautiful Lake Huron, in the midst of the well-known Whalesback and North Channel. Its proximity to the Benjamins and surrounding islands offers popular anchoring spots and protection from prevailing winds. This area is reputed to be among one of the best sailing areas in the world. The Spanish Municipal Marina is the ideal location for launching your craft. The marina features 125 seasonal and transient slips at a maximum dock length of 80 feet, double launch ramp, a service bay, and plenty of parking. Trailer sailors will appreciate that fact that all power cables have been buried so there are no obstructions when launching.

In August 2020, Spanish Municipal Marina joined the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup, with cleanup and capture devices installed thanks to the support of Environment and Climate Change Canada. Watch this space for more updates!

The (Data) Story So Far: 2021

What is the to-date impact of the plastic cleanup and capture technology at this site?


The average catch at Spanish Municipal Marina: This is the average count and weight of litter collected in a 24-hour-period by the devices at the marina!

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