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Prince Arthur's Landing at Marina Park is Thunder Bay's signature recreation destination. This community gathering place has transformed the City of Thunder Bay's waterfront into a mixed-use village and animated waterfront park reconnecting the downtown to the shores of Lake Superior.

Two principal buildings on site at Prince Arthur’s Landing are LEED certified. Learn about ongoing biodiversity monitoring using iNaturalist to collect information on the biodiversity in and adjacent to the Thunder Bay Marina (Pool 6) habitat pond at the project link here.

In August 2020, Prince Arthur's Landing joined the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup, with cleanup and capture devices installed thanks to the support of Environment and Climate Change Canada. Watch this space for more updates, including the first official trash report from the bin, coming soon!


The (Data) Story
So Far: 2020-2021

Litter comes in many shapes, sizes and varieties.

Here are the top 5 items collected at Prince Arthur's Landing:


What is the to-date impact of the plastic cleanup and capture technology at this site?

Small film pieces-01.png

Small film pieces

small foam icon-01.png

Small foam pieces

small fragments-01.png

Small fragments

large film pieces-01.png

Large film pieces


Cigarette butts

We also found intact items in the Seabins

- including food wrappers and fabric!

The average catch at Prince Arthur's Landing:

This is the average count and weight of litter collected in a 24-hour-period by the devices at the marina!


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