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Point Pleasant Marina Ltd. is committed to protecting and conserving the environment; we endorse the following policies:

  1. Point Pleasant will encourage the development of, and will implement and enforce, to the best of our ability, environmentally sound practices relating to all activities conducted on our property.

  2. Point Pleasant will promote environmental awareness to all of our employees and customers.  We will take the appropriate measures to ensure compliance with environmental legislation including guidelines and policies issued by the government.

Clean Marine 5 Anchor Platinum

1 of the 3 Marinas in Ontario to achieve this Eco-friendly Clean Marine operations exceptional standard.

Our commitment to being environmentally friendly is closely tied to our love of Georgian Bay and its recreational excellence.

In October 2020, Point Pleasant joined the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup, with cleanup and capture technology installed thanks to the support of Ontario's Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. Watch this space for more updates!


The average size of the catch at Point Pleasant: this is how many individual pieces of litter were collected in a 24-hour-period by the devices at the marina!


Litter comes in many shapes, sizes and varieties. Here's what we found at Point Pleasant this season:

large foam icon-01.png

Large foam pieces

small foam icon-01.png

Small foam pieces

large film pieces-01.png

Large film pieces

Small film pieces-01.png

Small film pieces