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Since its inception in 1946 Desmasdons Boatworks has prided itself on being a family owned, family run business that offers the best products and customer service around with no exception. That philosophy is at the heart of the business today. Our motto is "Desmasdons... Where relationships matter"... and that is the truth. When Andy and Tonia Blenkarn were looking around the province for just the right business to purchase they knew that they wanted a family owned and operated business that had good customer relationships and that had a strong place in the community.


While Desmasdons has grown immensely since purchase, Andy and Tonia still take the time to chat with each and every customer and instill those values and the belief that every customer is equally important into all their staff. We take great pride in having a personal relationship with each and every customer whether they are a dockage and storage customers, a new boat or outboard customer or a person who comes in once a year for their annual oil change; you are also extremely important to us and we value your business and relationship.

In October 2020, Desmasdons joined the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup, with its own cleanup and capture devices. Watch this space for more updates!


The (Data) Story
So Far: 2021

Litter comes in many shapes, sizes and varieties.

Here are the top 5 items collected at Desmasdons:


What is the to-date impact of the plastic cleanup and capture technology at this site?

small foam icon-01.png

Small foam pieces

Small film pieces-01.png

Small film pieces

large foam icon-01.png

Large foam pieces

small fragments-01.png

Small fragments

large film pieces-01.png

Large film pieces

The average catch at Desmadons: This is the average count and weight of litter collected in a 24-hour-period by the devices at the marina!

We also found intact items in the Seabins -

including plastic beverage cups, and a paint brush!

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