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Since its inception in 1968, Beacon Marine has prided itself on being a family owned, family run business that offers friendly service, great storage facilities and a reputation to be proud of. Beacon Marine, as it became known, was originally founded in 1910 at the original Pointe au Baril location near the historic Pointe au Baril Lighthouse. In 1994, The Goodwin family moved the facility to what was previously Reid's Marina. Since 1994, the Goodwin's have built their business around providing excellent customer service and strong relationships. In 2019, Andy and Tonia Blenkarn, and Matt and Nicole French decided it would make sense to acquire Beacon Marine and run it side by side with Desmasdon's Boat Works. Beacon and Desmasdon's share the philosophy of being a place "Where Relationships Matter!"


Our team of dedicated, hard working, long serving staff look forward to what we can all do for you. Together with Desmasdon's Boat Works, Beacon Marine has a huge line-up of boats, motors, and accessories from which to chose to make your cottage experience a good one. 

In October 2020, Beacon Marine joined the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup with its own capture and cleanup technology. Watch this space for more updates.


The (Data) Story
So Far: 2020-2021

Litter comes in many shapes, sizes and varieties.

Here are the top 5 items collected at Beacon Marine:


What is the to-date impact of the plastic cleanup and capture technology at this site?

small foam icon-01.png

Small foam pieces

Small film pieces-01.png

Small film pieces

large foam icon-01.png

Large foam

large film pieces-01.png

Large film pieces

large fragments-01.png

Large fragments

The average catch at Beacon Marine: This is the average count and weight of litter collected in a 24-hour-period by the devices at the marina!

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