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We're taking action to clean up the waterways of the Great Lakes region!


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New Data Available

Come learn more about the data trends about the types and amounts of plastic we have collected across our growing network of participating sites during Year 3 of the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup!

The Great Lakes Region by Numbers

107 million

people who call the Great Lakes region home and rely on the ecosystem services the lakes provide

10 million

kilograms of plastic litter are estimated to enter the Great Lakes - each year. 


species of plants and animals are found in the Great Lakes region - some are found nowhere else.


of the world's surface fresh water supply is contained in the Great Lakes - about 22.7 quadrillion litres

Fishing Float

About the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup

A campaign that brings together partners from across North America to take action on the plastics pollution problem in the Great Lakes. 

Where We Work

The Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup network includes marinas throughout the Great Lakes and surrounding waterways, as well as sites that are part of affiliated initiatives across North America.  



Explore our collection of educational resources, including information about the capture & cleanup technology we use!

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