Bio and information about the marina. Ideally to be accompanied by a short video of the tech in-situ at the site. This video can include:

Marina representatives talking about their site, explaining why they wanted to join the project, providing interesting background info about the region 

Footage of the installation process and/or before/after shots

Footage of the marina and surrounding waterways

NB: we have the capacity to edit together clips supplied by the marina into a video. The video to the right is only a placeholder. Any video can be uploaded to youtube, Vimeo etc and embedded here.  

The Latest Report

The Toronto Island Marina collects trash from its Seabin/LittaTrap xx times a week. This month, this is what they found, separated by percentage of trash type.


In total, Toronto Island Marina extracted YYZZ kg of trash using its Seabin/Littatrap in September 2020!

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